Thursday, April 10, 2014

Electron beam control in a scanning electron microscope

I describe electron beam optics and deflection as they are employed in scanning electron microscopy. - Deflection amplifier - CRT Christmas tree - FEI Company


asldsvrslhf said...

I've got an electron microscope gun and lens assembly. The filiment is busted, but if you would like to bust open the assembly and tinker some time I would love to make a road trip out of it!

asldsvrslhf said...

I've also got the sample chamber. I am gutting the chamber to use as a vacuum chamber, so the plate that controls x,y,x,r,o is all yours if you want it

George allen said...

Hey guys, love the electron microscope.I've only been tinkering with electronics for 3-4 of year and I want to make one so bad, don't think I'm skilled yet to make one. Maybe one day I will get started I'm only 16 so got lots of time.

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