Saturday, January 11, 2014

Cookie Perfection Machine

This machine allows me to mix a single cookie and vary the recipe for each cookie on the sheet. Hence, I can test many different recipe variations with one batch of ingredients in one afternoon.

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Renandra Ichsansyah said...

Dear Rr krasnow, this innovation is really awesome. I really envy, because i am totally blind and handycap at machinery.

CrankyMatt said...

Fantastic work!

The other day I was just reading an article about chocolate chip cookies done by The Food Lab ( and it sounds like some of your findings are lining up with his findings. Clearly a journal of cookie-ology needs to be founded. :)

Anonymous said...

From America's Test Kitchen, who did bake many batches in variations.

Recipe Testing

Creating a New Classic Here's how we improved on the Toll House classic to create an even better cookie.

TOLL HOUSE RECIPE: Equal Amounts Brown and White Sugar
A 1-1 ratio of brown to white sugar creates a cookie that's neither crisp nor chewy.

OUR RECIPE: More Brown Sugar
Using more brown sugar than white makes for a chewier cookie.

TOLL HOUSE RECIPE: Creamed Solid Butter
Creaming butter creates a cakier texture in cookies.

OUR RECIPE: Browned, Melted Butter
Melting butter contributes to chewiness; browning it enhances flavor.

Whole eggs contribute to a drier texture.

OUR RECIPE: 1 Whole Egg, 1 Yolk
Eliminating one egg white also boosts chewiness.

Baking the dough immediately after mixing doesn't allow the sugar to dissolve as fully as possible.

OUR RECIPE: Whisk and Wait
Whisking sugar into the liquid ingredients and then waiting 10 minutes allows more of it to dissolve, setting up better flavor and texture.

The smaller the cookie, the more uniform its texture.

OUR RECIPE: More Dough
Three tablespoons of dough per cookie increases its crisp-chewy contrast.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic idea. You may want to develop a cutter that chunks up pieces of bar chocolate of your choosing. This would free you up to insert various types of chocolate rather than being limited to generic milk chocolate chips.

Dan Haiduc said...

Check out the multi-armed bandit problem.

The solution was developed by the oil industry, because drilling a hole to get oil is expensive, so they had to find ways to get the most information out of each one, and at the same time being able to exploit them.

The same way, your computer can try to guess the best proportion of ingredients based on the rating you'd give the cookie.

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